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Putti Gallery

Jewelry & Watches
By . 15.07.2011


Save to foursquare Mārstaļu 16, Riga Mobile: 371 2652 4361
Phone: 371 6721 4229
Fax: 371 6721 4230
Working hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 19:00, Sat 11:00 - 17:00,



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Tucked away down a lesser-trodden cobblestone street in Old Riga is one of Latvia’s best-kept secrets for jewelry shopping.

Glittering creations by the country’s best artists are on show at Putti amid an otherwise unobtrusive minimalist backdrop, allowing the inventive designs to really stand out. It is also the setting for intriguing exhibitions.
Putti is a gallery where you can actually buy most of the exhibits, from quality accessories to Latvian designer clothing.
The jewelry pieces are handmade from precious stones, ebony, silver, gold, even mammoth tusk. So there is an upmarket concept to the store, and at its heart are the friendly, approachable and ever-present directors Agita and Diana.

MYoFfUbhiSVOqcSebkv 14.06.2013 08:54

Just want to give a general thank you for the blog. I am in my fteiifs now (it comes upon one very suddenly!) and have been
feeling like I have disappeared from view. I realise that it is up to me to make a reappearance and not feel that I shouldn't
draw attention to myself or make a spectacle of myself, in fact I should do the exact opposite. Your blog is very
inspirational, thanks once more


kGkGNVZqhi 16.06.2013 14:23

Very nice indeed - I love your seoeitcln of well-dress and accessorised ladies - some of my favourites there. I have given up
on blogging for the time being - lack of response from my 80+ followers got me disheartened along the way but I'm still
following some of my faves including your own blog. Prosit


JrgSkMTcDrSmPSZAI 16.06.2013 14:23

I don't know who Anonymous is but all I can say is good for her. A friend tahgut me that being beautiful has nothing to do
with my age...I need to see myself as beautiful and then go out and do it. Good luck.Ari...what can we say.


R8Pmvs6OOH 26.10.2015 07:20

Oh sweet you. I love the way you write, and the poem too! Those hearts are PERFECTO!! I've never made Linzer cooeiks, and you
tempt me so. So much to do, and no time at all. I met my DH on the 13th of Feb 20 years ago...must be cupid!! We married 5
years later, but the 13th of Feb remains his most special date ever! Unlucky for some, but LUCKY for him as I always say to



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