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By RigaNOW!. 05.02.2016


Save to foursquare Rūdolfa Blaumaņa st. 7., Riga Working hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 23:00, Sat-Sun 11:00 - 23:00,

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Nowadays, when we have so much information available every day, it is very significant to be noticed. It is not easy. Intrigue is the key aspect in this situation. In summer, walking down Rūdolfa Blaumaņa Street, which is located in the centre of Riga, few blocks from “Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia”, on the facade of the house No.7, the author of this article noticed a rather big black polished marble plate with a single word engraved on it – KOLEKCIONĀRS (collector). And that is all. There was no other information. Who is this collector? What is it about? What is located or will be located here? It was not clear. However, the seed of intrigue was already planted, and the word was not forgotten! In autumn, when an acquaintance told that a new very peculiar cafe “Kolekcionārs” was opened in the centre of Riga, the name sprang up from the depths of my memory, and everything fell into place. In other words, the address was already known!

The owners – Edijs Eihmanis and Maija Gauja – call this place the cafe of art. Edijs says that he has studied in the Riga College of Applied Arts and wanted to be employed in arts. Nevertheless, he had to earn money by working as a waiter in various restaurants of Riga. He decided to combine two in one – art (Latvian design) and food! However, in the case of “Kolekcionārs” it may even be three in one, since the restaurant offers not only breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also the concept of practical contemporary Latvian design. Moreover, the restaurant’s walls contain the exhibition of paintings, which is regularly changed. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this place frequently is visited by creative intellectuals: fashion bloggers, journalists, artists, representatives of advertising agencies.


Since “Kolekcionārs” emphasizes, presents and even sells the works of Latvian designers (crockery, candles, vases and others), it is clear that the cafe did not have any problems with its own design. The interior is more than stylish and modern, yet simple and unobtrusive. It is adapted to the overall mood. Near the entrance, a shelf with crockery of Latvian artists is situated. In other words, the interior is well-considered. As well as food and its presentation. Lovely soup bowls and other dishes stir imagination before tasting the content. In “Kolekcionārs”, you can enjoy day offers – a soup for 3 euro, salad – 3.50 euro, but main course – 5 euro. Many people use this opportunity due to everyday rush, but, of course, you can choose from the original menu which resembles a thick newspaper and includes not only the names of dishes, but also the poetry of young Latvian poets. Therefore, you can enjoy poetry while waiting for your order!

 “Kolekcionārs” is planning to change its menu seasonally – four times a year. Edijs says that they decided to give up gastronomical excess and experiments, even though Kristaps Žilinskis, the chef, is quiet ambitious and willing to use his experience gained in various Riga’s restaurants. The emphasis is made on the fusion style of European cuisine. For instance, you can try seafood coconut milk soup with rice noodles and grilled chicken fillet /4.50 euro/, or forest mushroom cream soup with truffle oil foam and roasted prosciutto /5 euro/. Portions are big enough, and the taste is balanced. The seafood soup is pleasantly sour and contains a big amount of seafood, which is very important. The mushroom soup is not too watery or thick; it has a nutty aftertaste, which is typical for mushrooms. On top of it, you can enjoy handmade bread with herb butter. Nice!

From main courses we suggest to try Latvian-bred sturgeon fillet with cauliflower puree, baked sweat peas, and saffron sauce /16 euro/. The juicy and not overroasted fillet will be served on a huge black ceramic plate which perfectly contrasts with white fish meat. If you do not want to order a fish, you can try an eco-farm beef fillet steak with green peas puree, caramelized plumes and Demi Glace /19 euro/. The meat is soft; it almost melts in your mouth, whereas the topping only enhances the taste in delight. For dessert try a yellow sea-buckthorn cheesecake with carrot gel, strawberry sauce and berries /5.50 euro/ served on a blue plate. It will make your mouth water even before you start to eat it.

By the way, allergens also are indicated for each dish. It is significant for many people; however, not many places have thought about it!

To conclude, “Kolekcionārs”, nowadays, is definitely the fashion spot for Riga’s creative intellectuals. It is not cheap, yet not too expensive. The cafe is perfect for respectable visitors who are able to value tasteful interior and wish to enjoy the works of Latvian designers. They are really stylish!

Lettuce salad with burned goat cheese, baked yellow beets, walnuts, cherry tomato confit and balsamic reduction 4.50 euro

Duck breast with forest mushroom risotto, corn baked in butter, and cognac fig sauce 17.00 euro


Latvian dessert cheese plate with candied peel and apple jam /2 portions/ 12.00 euro


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