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Medical services in Riga

Dr. Olga Galkina’s dental service


We are pleased to represent our clinic, aimed to meet all of patient needs in dental services. We offer the services of highly qualified dental surgeons and technicians.   We provide dental services with the aim to safe the time of our clients and do our best to make high quality work within a short period of time. In case of urgency we are able to arrange a visit to our clinic within one day.

Medical Tourism SPA in Riga Aesthetic Medicine

Oh, my aching back!*

*For all those who have ever experienced terrible back pain at some point in their lives.

Maternity care & infertility treatment in Latvia

Childbirth is a life-changing experience for all women, and, depending on your wishes, the procedure could be done in an intimate setting or the more sterile atmosphere of a hospital.

Medical tourism in Latvia

A rather different type of tourism is gaining in popularity around the world – medical tourism, in which people combine medical care with a trip abroad. It’s catching on in Latvia too.

The Garden

The Garden

After indulging in a watery relaxation zone at the Baltic Beach Hotel called The Garden, you’ll emerge feeling like a new human.


Now Riga’s visitors and residents can enjoy the luxury atmosphere and delightful treatments of ESPA RIGA.     

Park SPA

Visit a new spa located in front of the picturesque Kronvalda Park.     

Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery: the knife that heals?

Skilled plastic surgeons in Latvia are attracting increasing numbers of patients from abroad.

Beauty at a glance

Medicine has a long tradition in Latvia, and these days a broad range of options are available for treatments. At the same time, beauty has become a universal brand. Depending on the results a person is searching for, beauty and health can be nurtured at a spa with the help of a dermatologist, or at the surgeon’s clinic.

Taking care of your smile!

In order to find out what has changed and which treatments are on offer in the dentist’s chair, we visited the Svenata and Dentiks dental clinics.


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